Let’s face it; undergoing cosmetic surgery in Australia can be such a burden when the cost is the topic. No matter how successful any cosmetic surgery in Australia would be, if it will make you break the bank, it does not seem tempting at all. So for those who are seriously thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery, the allure of medical tourism seems too enticing to ignore. Here, let us find out more about Phuket cosmetic surgery and why this is one of the most popular choices for Australians.


Phuket cosmetic surgery


Here are the reasons why Phuket cosmetic surgery is such a hit for us Australians:phuket-cosmetic-surgery-perth

Phuket cosmetic surgery offers a variety of procedures

If you can think of a cosmetic surgery procedure you want to undergo, you can be assured that plastic surgeons in Phuket, Thailand can also perform them. With the modern technology that allows everyone to improve their practice and harness their skills, surely these internationally-trained Thai surgeons can handle even the most complex cosmetic surgery any country can offer.


Phuket cosmetic surgery is cheap

Yes, you read it right. This, by far, is the number one reason why people from all over the world, travel to Thailand to get their cosmetic procedures done. Imagine getting your procedures for a fraction of the price you would typically get in your own country! For instance, you can undergo breast augmentation in Phuket for $2700, when the original price quotation in Australia for your breast enhancement would range from $6000 to $12000!


Phuket cosmetic surgery is performed in a trendy tourist destination

As the advertisements for medical tourism go, try to picture yourself staying in a leisure hotel, enjoying a spectacular view of the sun, sand, and beach, and go home to a more beautiful you? All that plus the additional vacation feel this tropical hotspot offers. What a deal, right?


Phuket cosmetic surgery (and other medical tourism destination) considerations

Yes, it may be an excellent idea to research and consider joining the bandwagon of medical tourism, with its enticing lower procedure costs, successful and quality-guaranteed results, and relaxing vacation ambience. However, the Australian Government’s Department of Health  wants to remind us of some points to think about with regard to medical tourism.

Research about the country or destination you want to go to for your cosmetic surgery. Ensure your safety in a foreign country by searching online about different things about that country, for instance, Thailand. Search about prevalent epidemic diseases, their water and food quality, the location of the medical establishment where your procedure would take place, etc.


Know your doctor. His accreditation and certifications would solidify his reputation as a capable plastic surgeon who can accurately and safely perform your cosmetic enhancement. It is wise to ask for recommendations or referrals from relatives, loved ones, or friends who already successfully underwent Phuket cosmetic surgery so that you can be assured that there is a higher possibility that yours would also be successful as well.


Talk to your doctor at home first. Scheduling a wellness appointment with your GP to get baseline information about your overall pre-surgery condition can help in monitoring the progress of your health post-surgery. Getting immunised to avoid getting diseases from the country you may visit can also help. Protecting yourself should not be a luxury but a necessity.


Consider the consequences post-surgery. No matter how morbid it may sound, it is advisable to think of the complications that may arise during and after your cosmetic surgery abroad. Will it be safe for you to travel to and from that country to get your surgery fixed? IT is only the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure who can efficiently correct it because he has all the information about your situation. If the reason you decided to do it abroad is that you want to save money, has it crossed your mind the amount of travel expenses you would spend if any complication arises within your recovery period?



It is okay to improve one’s self if it would also enhance your overall wellbeing. But going overboard and sacrificing your own safety in the name of cosmetic surgery is neither wise nor encouraged. Know your life’s priorities and manage them according to your needs and their significance.

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